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Free Question Bank for CFA June 2013 Level 1

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Please Register for our Free Moodle class that includes free question banks for Ethics & GIPS, Quantitative, Economics, Financial Reporting & Analysis, and Fixed Income.

To access the remaining question banks (a total of 1,500+ questions in the notes, videos, practice exams and question banks) purchase the Premium Package.


Free Stuff

Sen Finance offers free lecture videos, notes, a question-bank for a candidate to begin Level 1 preparation. For a comprehensive coverage of the curriculum candidates need to purchase the Sen Finance Premium Package that has more videos, notes, question-bank, 5 full-length practice exams (total of more than 1,200 practice questions in the question-bank and practice exams), and a mobile app (mobile app available December 2012). The learning strategy begins with the videos where the important fundamental concepts are taught. Other details for full coverage of the curriculum are relegated to PDF notes. This ensures that the learning of important concepts is not cluttered by the details.

Premium Package

The Premium Package covers material not covered by the free material. Included in the Premium Package are 1) videos, 2) notes are in PDF format (printed notes in the form of books may be purchased for extra payment), 3) Q-bank and 5 practice exams that total over 1,200 practice questions and 4) Mobile App (available December 2012).

Quality Leader

Jayanta Sen CFA has taught finance and related disciplines for 12 years. He has an MA from Yale, and a PhD from University of Chicago (the top university for Economics and Finance). The preparation material stresses fundamental concepts which enable the student to organize knowledge required to pass the exam, rather than some dubious ad hoc memorization.


The following are some testimonials received by us:

Your online lectures helped me to understand the economics section of the Level 1 exam more than the curriculum itself. I read through the CFAI text book twice, and I still didn't fully grasp the material until I viewed your lectures. I hope that you will post similar Level 2 videos. Thank you again for helping me pass Level 1. Chris Jones, BBA, Georgia State University - J. Mack Robinson College of Business